Raw Intuition
CODA’s customisable interface means you can record, assess and investigate anything that you see. Multiple coders allow you to collect as much information as you need to, from trends to the fine details.

I don't know of another product that is up to the Level of Sportscode when it comes to Analysing Video and is now the key tool in our daily workflows

Colin Zammit Coach Fremantle Football Club

See How It Works

Genuine Insight

  • Code in real time on any Mac computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, making coding possible anywhere you go
  • Keep an eye on the recorded statistics as you code, generating additional insight as you analyse
  • Customise your coding interface on the fly so you can always capture what you need to.
  • Create and print statistical reports within the software, gaining time and efficiency

Real Results

  • Address and react to patterns in real time for better targeted research and analysis
  • Assess hypothesis quickly and unlock the real potential of observation
  • Move from insight to measurable results with the power of statistical analysis